Expanding Our Horizons
Expanding Our Horizons

Tuesday, 04 January 2005

Petromin is very pleased to have been selected by KISR to act as the main liaison group to help facilitate the transfer of Canadian heavy oil technology to Kuwait. This appointment is designed to assist Kuwait with enhancing the development of their heavy oil resources.

In late February of 2007, a high level delegate from the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR) visited Alberta. The purpose of this visit is to extend invitation from Kuwait to the Canadian heavy oil industry to participate in the upcoming first Middle East Oil and Chemical Conference in Kuwait later this year. Petromin was pleased to introduce the delegate to Alberta's top tier, heavy oil groups including ARC, APA and the Provincial Government Trade Department.

Canadian Heavy Oil Association (CHOA) president Gerry Belyk is excited about the potential opportunity for Canadian heavy oil service providers, manufacturers and investors with this event. The exhibition and conference will provide a new venue for Canadian technology in heavy oil development, of which Kuwait will need to develop its vast heavy oil resources estimated to be well over 100 billion barrels.

As quoted by Mr. Peter Ho, senior Vice President of Petromin, Kuwait and other Middle East countries such as Iraq, Iran and even Saudi Arabia posses massive heavy oil resources which can be exploited and develop with existing Canadian heavy oil technology such as SAGD, VAPEX, THAI.

The opportunity in the future, to invest and develop these resources will prove to be a challenge to the Canadian groups considering the enormous geological structure in the area.

Petromin believes the strong participation of this event by Canadian companies will serve to enhance the Canada/Kuwait's technology transfer and further the main objective of establishing Petromin Resources, as the lead technology provider to Kuwait.

For further info about this event, please visit http://www.wecec-kuwait.com/

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