Dr. Bill Gunter joins Petromin’s International Advisory Board
Dr. Bill Gunter joins Petromin’s International Advisory Board

Tuesday, 08 July 2008

  July 8, 2008 – Petromin Resources Ltd. (TSX.V Symbol: PTR) is pleased to announce that William D. (Bill) Gunter, PhD will join the company’s International Advisory Board to provide advice to the Board of Directors relating to science and technology of carbon dioxide (CO2) sequestration and storage.

 Dr. Gunter received his BSc and MSc degrees in geology from the , and his PhD in geochemistry from the , . Most recently he was Distinguished Scientist at the Alberta Research Council, and an Adjunct Professor at the in . A specialist in geochemical processes (stressing use of field data, experiments and modeling) as they impact on the environment and on the oil and gas industry, over the past 10 years he has been leading combined industry/government-funded projects in geological storage of CO2 and H2S in aquifers, oil reservoirs and coal beds. He is widely referenced with dozens of publications on geological storage of CO2.

 Dr. Gunter was Lead Author on the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) special report on CO2 Capture and Storage and member of the 2007 Nobel Prize-winning IPCC author group. He has been acknowledged as a contributor to the award-winning IPCC report. Previously he was Co-chair of the Canadian CO2 Capture and mapping Task Force. Dr. Gunter now consults widely to Canadian and international enterprises through his private company.

 Petromin Co-Chairman and President, Ross Gorrell stated, “Bill Gunter’s international reputation precedes him and Petromin feels privileged to have him as an advisor. His addition to our team is significant as the company advances international business development in the field of enhanced hydrocarbon recovery and CO2 sequestration.”

 The International Advisory Board assists Petromin’s growth and contributes to the creation of shareholder value through the provision of expert advice to the Board of Directors. The Chairman of the International Advisory Board is Don Downing. International Advisory Board positions are non-compensatory although Petromin provides incentives in the form of share options.


On Behalf of the Board of Directors


Dr. A Ross Gorrell

Co-Chairman and President

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